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Sheraton Urumqi Hotel Review – Urumqi, Xinjiang


The Sheraton Urumqi 5-star Hotel in Urumqi
  • Chinese Name: 喜来登乌鲁木齐酒店 (Xǐláidēng wūlǔmùqí jiǔdiàn)
  • Address: 669 N. YouHao Road
  • Phone: 0991-699-9999
  • Directions: Take the BRT 1 or 2 to the YouHao bus stop (友好站) or take a taxi to 喜来登. You can’t miss the beautiful Sheraton Hotel on the west side of this major shopping district.



The Urumqi Sheraton Hotel has become an icon of luxury here in Xinjiang’s capital. It is located in the heart of YouHao, Urumqi’s upscale shopping district, where you’ll find all the famous name brands like Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Georgio Armani and many others. From the Sheraton you have access to multiple public transportation options that can bring you anywhere in the city within 10-20 minutes. Within 100 meters of the Sheraton you’ll find the large YouHao grocery store (with a nice foreign goods selection), a Pizza Hut, an Eversun Coffee Shop, a Xinhua Bookstore and much more. It truly is one of the best locations in the city for a hotel, which is why it has become so popular.


Although the Urumqi Sheraton has lost small bit of its former glory from years ago, it is still offers comfortable, luxurious rooms and amenities that you would expect at any western equivalent. Located on the property is a nice spa, a fine dining restaurant, a fitness center with a large pool and meeting space. The hostel hosts a number of events and parties during the holidays as well as weddings all throughout the year.

Lobby of the Urumqi Sheraton Hotel in Xinjiang, China Standard King Room at the Urumqi Sheraton Hotel Standard bathroom at the Urumqi Sheraton Hotel Swimming Pool at the Urumqi Sheraton Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaFitness Center at the Urumqi Sheraton Hotel in Xinjiang, China

Room Options

The Urumqi Sheraton Hotel has 380 guest rooms and suites ranging in size from 40 sqm to 256 sqm. All of the rooms come equipped with a comfortable bathroom, an LCD TV with local and foreign cable options, high-speed internet and the comfortable mattress you expect at any Sheraton. There are numerous room options including: Standard Rooms (king or twin), Deluxe Rooms (king/twin, smoking/non-smoking), Executive Deluxe (king/twin) and Suites (Executive Premier, Ambassador and Presidential). Prices range from 2000 for standard rooms to 26,666 for the Presidential Suite. Unlike other hotels in Urumqi, it’s best to book your stay ahead of time at the Sheraton Urumqi. Use the link below to check pricing and availability during your stay.

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