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Luxemon Xinjiang Yindu Hotel – Urumqi, Xinjiang


Urumqi Yindu Hotel Review
  • Chinese Name: 新疆尊茂银都酒店 (Xīnjiāng zūnmào yíndū jiǔdiàn)
  • Address: 179 W. XiHong Road
  • Phone: 0991-4536688
  • Directions: Take the BRT 1 or 2 to the XiHongLu Stop (西虹路) and walk west 100 meters along XiHong Road. It’s well known with the taxi’s in town, so it’s most convenient just to take a taxi to “Zunmao Yindu JiuDian”.



The Urumqi Yindu Hotel is one of Urumqi’s high end hotels frequented by business travelers, luxury travelers, media and diplomats alike.

The hotel is situated nicely in the middle of Urumqi near major intersections that ensure plenty of taxis and quite a few bus options. The hotel is only a couple bus stops from the YouHao shopping district to the north and Hong Shan park to the south.

It’s unfortunately a bit of a walk to the BRT stop if you plan to take public transportation, but if you plan to hire a private car is it nicely situated in front of one of Urumqi’s major east-west elevated highways.

*Note: Google maps indicates that this hotel is closed, but I assure you it is not*


Entering the Urumqi Yindu Hotel you’re ushered into a very inviting lobby with waterfalls, spiral staircases and often music played by a piano at the lounge.

The hotel has undergone a lot of change over the past 10 years but remains a luxurious hotel by Urumqi, Xinjiang standards. The rooms all have internet access, local cable and even a few international cable options.

On location is a swimming pool, fitness center, business center, multiple restaurants and a bar. The concierge is available to help with any arrangements you might need to make in the city, including tourist and flight booking.

Yindu Hotel in Urumqi, Xinjiang Spa at the Urumqi Yindu Hotel in Xinjiang Standard Suite at the Yindu Hotel in Urumqi, Xinjiang Standard Room at the Yindu Hotel in Urumqi, Xinjiang Lobby of the Yindu Hotel in Urumqi, Xinjiang

Room Options

The Yindu Hotel in Urumqi offers 308 guest rooms including 288 standard rooms and 25 different suites. All rooms boast comfortable bathroom facilities, LCD TV’s that broadcast local and international cable channels (i.e. CNN, ESPN, HBO, etc.), and a mini-bar.

Rated a 5-star hotel, the Yindu should provide more than enough comfort for your stay, although it might not live up to the 5-star status you would expect in other countries.

What’s nice, though, is that the Yindu is one of the cheapest luxury hotel options in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Check up-to-date pricing and availability using the link below.

–>Check pricing and availability for the Urumqi Yindu Hotel<–