Is Xinjiang Safe for Travelers? Security & Threats in 2020

January 21 | 20 Comments

The most commonly asked question from people who are planning a trip to China’s western region is this: Is Xinjiang safe for travelers (especially now in 2020)? It’s a legitimate question, particularly since most of what you’ve probably read in the news or heard from friends seems to indicate that you’re putting your life in danger […]

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Xinjiang’s Four “Great Lakes” | 2020 Traveler’s Guide

January 16 | 11 Comments

Mention the name “Xinjiang” and most people who know their Chinese geography picture vast deserts crossed by dirty looking camels and a beating sun.  It’s a nostalgic picture that was made popular by the famous Silk Road but it’s a stereotype Xinjiang can’t seem to shake. The truth is that these immense deserts are locked […]

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How to Fly as an Air Courier in 2020

January 14 | No Comments

Is it still possible earn extra money flying as an air courier? Back in the day, being an on-board courier used to be a popular travel hack that would get you free flights. Ever since the attacks on September 11th, though, the industry took a nosedive and looked like it would never recover. But is it […]

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20 Dangerous Food Combinations (according to Chinese tradition)

January 9 | 14 Comments

Ever wonder why you went bald?  Do you ever find yourself with a decreased vigor for life and can’t explain why? Did you suddenly go deaf without any prior symptoms?  How about an unexpected bloated belly or an intense case of diarrhea?  It may be that you had some dangerous food combinations…or at least so says […]

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How to Access Instagram in China in 2020

January 7 | No Comments

I’ve become addicted to Instagram over the past few years. As it turns out, I’m not the only one. According to the latest numbers, there are 800 million other people around the world who feel the same way every month. My problem, however, is that Instagram is blocked in China. Ugh. So how is it […]

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