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Xinjiang Public Park (Chinese Style)

June 2 | No Comments

What the Chinese have mastered, however, is the art of enjoying a public park and it’s something that I think we as Americans can learn from.

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The Most Popular Uyghur Song in Xinjiang, China (Oynasun)

March 23 | No Comments

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Xinjiang, chances are you’ve heard this song more times than you can count. It is, in my opinion, the most popular song in Xinjiang.

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Golf in Xinjiang, China | Elite Sport in a Poor Province

September 28 | No Comments

A short distance south of Xinjiang’s capital of Urumqi there is a portion of beautiful land known as Nanshan, or “South Mountains”. For years tourist and locals have traveled away from the noisy, polluted city life seeking the peaceful scenery that Nanshan provides, but soon they will have an entirely different reason to visit: a new luxury golf course.

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Xinjiang’s Most Hated Foreigners

September 25 | No Comments

Most foreigners these days are welcomed to Xinjiang with open arms. There is, however, a list of foreigners – both past and present – who will forever be scorned in the Xinjiang history books. This is the Xinjiang Most-Wanted Foreigners List.

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Xinjiang’s High Speed Train | Traveler’s Guide

September 7 | No Comments

In December of 2014, Xinjiang’s first high speed train was opened to the public. At the time, it only reached as far as Hami, but in 2015 it connected the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi with the Gansu capital of Lanzhou. Here’s the story of this high speed train and my experience taking it. Sitting here […]

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Self-Publishing a Travel Guide: My Experience

April 21 | No Comments

What does it take to self-publish a travel guide? I take a look back at my publishing experience to review what it cost me and how successful the book has been so far.

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My Xinjiang Story Summed up in 15 Photos

April 16 | No Comments

It’s been 6 months already but a lot has happened. I believe these 15 pictures tell the story of this last half year well.

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How to Rent a Car in China | Traveler’s Guide

April 2 | No Comments

No tourist buses. No blazing hot sun beating down on me. No need to pay an entrance fee.

Just the pure joy of independent travel in my favorite province in China.

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Amazing Petroglyphs Re-Discovered in Xinjiang, China!

March 31 | No Comments

Kangjiashimenzi (康家石门子) is a collection of ancient petroglyphs that were carved into the side of a massive red-basalt rock in China’s remote region of Xinjiang. These carvings have been dated to about 2000 B.C. and they are believed to be the world’s earliest recordings of an ancient fertility ritual. Some call it an archeological wonder. […]

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25 Unbelievably Stunning Xinjiang Photos

March 26 | No Comments

There is no doubt in mind that Xinjiang offers not only the most beautiful scenery in all of China, but also the most diverse. Considering that Xinjiang is the largest region in China, the ecological diversity should really come as no surprise. Indeed, as these 25 gorgeous Xinjiang photos prove, this place is unbelievable. Most […]

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