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Xinjiang in the Winter | Traveler’s Guide for What to See & Do

November 12 | 10 Comments

What is there to see around Xinjiang in winter? It used to be that Xinjiang tourism practically shut down between the months of November and March. Travelers were so few that most tourism sites shut down completely for the winter and weather often prohibited transportation to some locations. Things have changed, though, and there are now […]

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Uyghur Customs | 26 Rules for Hosting or Being Hosted

October 29 | 3 Comments

Hosting or being hosted by somebody from a different culture can always be a bit stressful, and for me the Uyghur culture with all the nuances of Uyghur customs, has been no different.

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How to Rent a Car in China | Traveler’s Guide

October 22 | 20 Comments

No tourist buses. No blazing hot sun beating down on me. No need to pay an entrance fee.

Just the pure joy of independent travel in my favorite province in China.

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Karamay, Xinjiang | China’s Richest City

October 15 | 22 Comments

You would imagine that Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or one of many other cities might top China’s list of richest cities. But you’d be wrong. China’s richest city is in a place you would least expect…in Xinjiang. In a Desert.

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20 Best Xinjiang Books Reviewed & Ranked

September 25 | 5 Comments

What are the best Xinjiang books to read? Whether you’re looking to travel to Xinjiang or you just want to understand the situation in Xinjiang better, I’d like to point you toward the best resources currently available to read. Over the years, I’ve read and even reviewed a number of books about Xinjiang on this […]

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The 2015 Xinjiang travel guide is here!