The Horse that Leaps Through Clouds Book Review

June 28 | 4 Comments

Two Finnish travelers. Two epic journeys. One, same-old China. The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds is a beautiful account of China’s past, present and future. By Eric Enno Tamm.

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A Close Shave: Pic of the Week

March 17 | No Comments

Another beautiful photo of life in Xinjiang. A Uyghur man gets a traditional shave on the streets of Kashgar.

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Expressing the Orient: A Book Review

March 16 | 2 Comments

Book review: From Mark Vranicar, US expat who spent over three years living and traveling in China (and Xinjiang), comes a photography book you won’t want to miss.

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Uyghur Boys and Their Birds: Pic of the Week

March 4 | 2 Comments

To buy or not to buy…that is the question these two Uyghur boys ponder as they listen to a sales pitch at a Uyghur market in Xinjiang.

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Testing the Horse: Pic of the Week

February 17 | No Comments

A beautiful B&W photo by British photographer Jonathan Browning featuring a horse being tested at the Sunday livestock market in Kashgar.

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Mysterious Mummies of Xinjiang

February 8 | 52 Comments

February 5th, 2011 was supposed to be a special day for the Penn Museum as it opened the final leg of a 3-city tour of Xinjiang’s “Secret of the Silk Road” exhibit. Camels circled the building and dancers took to the stage. The only thing missing at the museum that day were all the Silk […]

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Uyghur Man Plays the Rawap: Pic of the Week

January 20 | No Comments

A rawap is a “Uyghur long-necked lute without sympathetic strings”2. It is a symbol of Uyghur music and culture and one of the most common souvenirs that you’ll find in all the markets in Xinjiang.

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Xinjiang Desert and Camel: Pic of the Week

January 7 | 1 Comment

This beautiful photo captures a journey into the Taklamakan Desert from Khotan (Hotan). Camel treks like this one are a common tourist attraction all along the edge of the desert and you can even arrange an overnight journey to some locations.

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Busy Sunday in Hotan: Pic of the Week

November 12 | 3 Comments

The Hotan Sunday market rivals the Kashgar market nowadays as being the largest and the best place to step back in time. Now, you can even get there by a soon-to-be-opened rail line.

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Hotan’s Mazar Tagh: Picture of the Week

October 1 | 9 Comments

About 180 km north of Hotan, a [200-m high] mountain range with a reddish hue rises up from the desert plain. … On a rocky ledge about 150 m high, the well-preserved Mazar Tagh fort proudly looks down on the [Hotan] River and watches over the former trade route.

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