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Buddhist Stupas in Xinjiang | “A Tale of Two Towers”

September 15 | No Comments

Thousands of years of history can be found scattered throughout China’s remote, western region of Xinjiang. Traveling along these old routes, you’ll run across ancient cities, painted caves, stone men and mysterious, crumbling…Buddhist stupas. This is the fascinating story detailing my discovery of two of these Buddhist stupas in Xinjiang. Have you ever seen the […]

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Traveling China’s Karakoram Highway | Traveler’s Guide

September 9 | 24 Comments

If you are traveling to Kashgar in China’s Xinjiang region, the Karakoram Highway is a must-see destination! Often regarded as the “Eight Wonder of the World”, this long stretch of highway links China with Pakistan, cuts through snow-capped mountains and features diverse cultures along the way. It’s a trip that you’ll never forget. For travelers […]

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How to Travel From Urumqi to Kazakhstan

July 27 | No Comments

Since you’re already pretty deep into Central Asia when you visit China’s western region of Xinjiang, many people take the opportunity to visit some neighboring countries as well. Kazakhstan makes an excellent introduction to “the Stans” and is easily reachable from far west China. Here’s how to travel from Urumqi to Kazakhstan. There are plenty […]

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Urumqi Train Travel 2020 Guide 乌鲁木齐站

April 14 | 14 Comments

A guide to taking a train in Urumqi and what to expect when you’re traveling in Xinjiang

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Cycling in Xinjiang | What You Need to Know

March 24 | 7 Comments

Over the past decade, I have traversed the vast tract of land known as Xinjiang using every imaginable mode of transportation: trains, planes, cars, motorcycles, camels, etc. It’s only been over the past few years that I’ve adopted cycling in Xinjiang as a fun alternative. And now that I have…I’m hooked. Based on my own experience, […]

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Urumqi Airport Traveler’s Guide 2020 (Xinjiang)

March 3 | 43 Comments

For most travelers, flying into Urumqi Diwopu International Airport marks their first step into the Xinjiang province. Here I answer the top 4 questions about flying to/from Urumqi, Xinjiang.

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What is a Yurt and How Can I Stay in One?

February 27 | 12 Comments

What is a yurt? Technically, a yurt is a portable housing structure constructed with a wooden frame and wool covering. For the majority of us, however, a yurt is something completely different. A yurt is an adventure.

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How to Ride a Camel in Xinjiang (Pricing + Locations)

February 4 | 3 Comments

A desert camel trek into one of Xinjiang’s deserts is a memorable and thankfully simple adventure to arrange. From Turpan all the way to Kashgar, there are a number of picturesque sand dunes to choose from. While it’s possible to pay for a short ride or picture on a camel, many travelers ask about overnight […]

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Xinjiang’s Four “Great Lakes” | 2020 Traveler’s Guide

January 16 | 11 Comments

Mention the name “Xinjiang” and most people who know their Chinese geography picture vast deserts crossed by dirty looking camels and a beating sun.  It’s a nostalgic picture that was made popular by the famous Silk Road but it’s a stereotype Xinjiang can’t seem to shake. The truth is that these immense deserts are locked […]

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Kashgar Traveler’s Guide | What to See and Do

October 30 | 18 Comments

There are plenty of places to see in Kashgar, but not all of them are worth the time and effort. The oasis town of Kashgar continues to be a popular stop for tourist along the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang, China. It is home to a rich Uyghur culture, buzzing Central Asian markets and plenty […]

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