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Travel Kuqa | What’s Worth Visiting?

October 13 | 21 Comments

The ancient city of Kuqa (a.k.a. “Kuche” or 库车) is one of those historically significant and yet often-overlooked places to visit in China’s far western region of Xinjiang. [sam id=”1″ codes=”true”]When it comes to traveling in Xinjiang, places like Kashgar, Turpan and Yili often hog the spotlight. However, there are many other smaller cities and villages worth visiting […]

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Exploring Tashkorgan and the Tajik of Xinjiang, China

September 12 | 17 Comments

After an extremely bumpy 8-hour trip from Kashgar along the Karakoram Highway, our team arrived in the beautiful Tajik town of Tashkorgan. The city goes by a number of different spellings, including “Tashkurgan” and “Taxkurgan,” but regardless of how you decide to write it, one things remains the same: Tashkorgan is one of the most […]

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Visiting Xinjiang’s Jurassic Park (aka “Tianshan Safari Park”)

April 9 | 11 Comments

[sam id=”1″ codes=”true”]Driving our car through the high, double gates of the Xinjiang Tianshan Safari Park, it was hard not to think that we had just entered Jurassic Park. The guard tower was vacant and not a single park ranger was in sight. My family and a couple friends had decided to make our first visit to this […]

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How to Cross Xinjiang’s Irkeshtam Border to Kyrgyzstan

September 11 | 40 Comments

Border crossing from Xinjiang into other countries in Central Asia isn’t necessarily difficult, but getting reliable, up-to-date information is. Take the Irkeshtam border crossing for an example – it’s one of the most common ways to travel from China to Kyrgyzstan and yet I have a hard time finding any published info on the process. Thanks […]

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Urumqi Walking Tour | The REAL Xinjiang

July 25 | 5 Comments

If you have a little extra time in Urumqi and you don’t quite know what there is to do, I have a suggestion for you. Perhaps you’ve already bought all the souvenirs you need at the Urumqi Grand Bazaar and you’ve said hello to the mummies on display at the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum – but that […]

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Hiking the Urumqi NanShan in Winter | 乌鲁木齐南山

February 7 | 9 Comments

I’m a bit ashamed to say that it’s taken me years of living in Xinjiang to actually visit the Urumqi NanShan. It’s part of the TianShan range, which I’ve hiked on a couple different occasions, but never NanShan.

Now I’ve done it in the winter, and the pictures are awesome, beautiful proof!

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Urumqi BRT & K Buses: How to Navigate Urumqi Traffic

January 28 | 9 Comments

Ever since the Urumqi BRT opened in 2011, I’ve been incredibly curious to find out how it would improve the terrible traffic in Xinjiang’s capital. Now that I call Urumqi, Xinjiang my home I’ve had a chance to try it out first hand and I must say that it’s a vast improvement over the congestion […]

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Day Hike Around Urumqi | Yamalike Park 雅玛里克山

January 24 | 6 Comments

The pollution in and around Urumqi Xinjiang is getting about as bad as any other major city in China. The thought of any sort of exercise – whether that’s running, basketball or any other sport – just doesn’t feel like a good idea. So when the opportunity to join some Uyghur locals to hike the Tian Shan mountains that surround Xinjiang’s capital, I was thrilled.

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Epic Journey to Xinjiang’s Sayram Lake

December 4 | 13 Comments

One man’s journey traveling to Xinjiang’s Sayram Lake takes an interesting twist when he joins a Kazakh wedding party. Includes helpful Urumqi to Sayram Lake travel travel tips.

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How to Hike the Xinjiang Tian Shan in China

August 14 | 7 Comments

Setting off to hike the length of the Tian Shan with a cheap Chinese tent and an inadequate sleeping bag had seemed like a good idea at the time.

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