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Ultimate Guide to Learning Uyghur

September 3 | 20 Comments

Are you interested in learning the Uyghur language? While the resources are sparse, they do exist. In this ultimate guide to learning Uyghur, I’d like to share with you what’s available and the best ways to learn Uyghur both inside and outside China. Back in 2008, I made a somewhat whimsical decision to spend a […]

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Learn to Speak Uyghur – in Xinjiang

September 1 | 35 Comments

If you have the chance to study Uyghur while living in Xinjiang…consider yourself lucky! There is no better way to pick up a language than through immersion, so take advantage of your time in the province. But…what are the best places to study Uyghur in Xinjiang?

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25 Unbelievably Stunning Xinjiang Photos

August 27 | 30 Comments

There is no doubt in mind that Xinjiang offers not only the most beautiful scenery in all of China, but also the most diverse. Considering the size of the region – it makes up 1/6 of all of China’s land area – the ecological diversity should really come as no surprise. Indeed, as these 25 […]

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Is Xinjiang Safe for Travelers? Security & Threats in 2018

August 23 | 20 Comments

The most commonly asked question from people who are planning a trip to China’s western region is this: Is Xinjiang safe for travelers (even now in 2018)? It’s a legitimate question, particularly since most of what you’ve probably read in the news or heard from friends seems to indicate that you’re putting your life in danger […]

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How to Fly as an Air Courier in 2018

August 22 | No Comments

Is it still possible to fly as an air courier? Back in the day, being an air courier used to be a popular travel hack that would get you free flights. Ever since the attacks on September 11th, though, the industry took a nosedive and looked like it would never recover. But…has it? Earlier this year, […]

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