Mysterious Lop Nor Structure in China Revealed

January 2 | 1 Comment

Although once famous for its “Wandering Lake” mentioned by Marco Polo as his last stop before taking a year-long journey across the Gobi Desert, it has finally made the headlines again in a few very small newspapers here in China’s northwest as the world’s largest potash fertilizer producer.

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How to Use Facebook in China in 2020

December 31 | No Comments

For years I’ve built an internet business around travel across China, and specifically here in Xinjiang. Because most of my readers are “foreigners” and my content strategy involves a lot of social media, this has required me to spend a lot of time on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But I often get asked […]

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Best VPN for China 2020 (that still works despite the ban)

December 30 | 109 Comments

Update January 2020: As you may know, China has been cracking down on the use of VPNs during most of last year. Almost every VPN is experiencing connection troubles, but do the best VPNs for China still work? As an expat who has spent over a decade in China, I’d like to offer my thoughts and […]

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Chinese Lunar Calendar and the Roaming Holidays

December 17 | 1 Comment

There are two major groups in the world today who still use the lunar calendar – the Chinese and the Muslims – and both of them represent a majority of Xinjiang’s population.

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6 Reasons to Live or Travel to Xinjiang

December 10 | 7 Comments

Why should you live or travel to China’s far western province of Xinjiang? The better question is…why not? But for those who need a reason, here’s six.

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