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How to Rent a Car in China | Traveler’s Guide

October 22 | 20 Comments

No tourist buses. No blazing hot sun beating down on me. No need to pay an entrance fee.

Just the pure joy of independent travel in my favorite province in China.

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Karamay, Xinjiang | China’s Richest City

October 15 | 22 Comments

You would imagine that Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or one of many other cities might top China’s list of richest cities. But you’d be wrong. China’s richest city is in a place you would least expect…in Xinjiang. In a Desert.

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20 Best Xinjiang Books Reviewed & Ranked

September 25 | 5 Comments

What are the best Xinjiang books to read? Whether you’re looking to travel to Xinjiang or you just want to understand the situation in Xinjiang better, I’d like to point you toward the best resources currently available to read. Over the years, I’ve read and even reviewed a number of books about Xinjiang on this […]

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Buzkashi Explained: Mysterious Rules & Traditions

September 17 | 26 Comments

What is “Buzkashi” and how is it played? I’ve had the privilege of witnessing a number of games of Buzkashi and in addition to sharing some of my favorite photos from these experiences, I’d also like to explain the rules of Buzkashi as best I understand them. Buzkashi (pronounced “booz-ka-shee”) is a popular Central Asian game […]

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Do I Need a Special Visa or Permit for Xinjiang?

September 10 | 11 Comments

Is there a special visa or permit required to travel to Xinjiang? This is a question that I get quite a few times throughout the travel season and it seems that there might be conflicting information online. I’d like to help set the record straight so you can understand exactly what you need to travel […]

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The 2015 Xinjiang travel guide is here!