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The Most Popular Uyghur Song in Xinjiang, China (Oynasun)

April 27 | No Comments

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Xinjiang, chances are you’ve heard this Uyghur song more times than you can count. It is, in my opinion, the most popular song in Xinjiang, China.

Shahrizoda, a Uzbek Uyghur trio of singers originally from Xinjiang, China

How popular, you ask?

It’s so well known that even Han Chinese – most of whom can’t speak the Uyghur language – can sing along and know the meaning of the words. I find myself humming the tune every once in a while for no reason as well.

Check out the video of this most popular Uyghur song yourself and see if you recognize it:

Oddly, the three women in this video aren’t from Xinjiang. They are actually Uyghur from Uzbekistan and they represent the finest of what is Uyghur pop.

The trio, named Shahrizoda (شهريزاده), have quite a few other well-known songs, but this is by far the most popular.

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