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Hotels in Urumqi, Xinjiang

Updated April 2014: I live here in Urumqi and have personally visited each of these hotels as of April of 2014. These are my personal recommendations and I hope that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here. Some of the links here are affiliate links which, at no additional cost to you, help to keep this website running. Thanks!

A Urumqi hotel is never difficult to find.  Tourism in Xinjiang starts here in the capital so along every street you’ll find hotels that cater to those tourist.  Because Urumqi Xinjiang is such a large city you’ll find a wide range of options that work to fit both your taste and your budget.  Obviously there are many more hotels in Urumqi, but below is a list of the hotels recommended by FarWestChina.

Sheraton Hotel, one of the more expensive Urumqi hotels
Check rates at the Sheraton Urumqi
Compare Prices at:
669 Northern Youhao Road, Urumqi
+86 991 699 9999
Where is the Sheraton Urumqi Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: xĭ lái dēng
My Thoughts on the Sheraton: This is one of the few 5-star Urumqi hotels and offers all the amenities you would expect from a Sheraton – spa, workout facilities, shopping, & incredibly comfortable beds. Be prepared to pay for the comfort, though! This beautiful hotel is located in the trendy You Hao shopping district in the north. Read more in my Urumqi Sheraton Hotel Review
Hotel Rating:
9.0 / 10


Urumqi's Hoi Tak Hotel, one of the more expensive Urumqi hotels
Check rates at Urumqi's Hoi Tak Hotel
Compare Prices at:
No. 1 Dong Feng Lu,Xinjiang, Shuimogou, Urumqi
+86 991 232 2828
Where is the Hoi Tak Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: hăidé jiŭdiàn
My Thoughts on Hoi Tak Hotel: The Hoi Tak, located right beside the People’s Park, has been the premier 5-star Urumqi hotel for years. Like the Sheraton it offers many amenities and is a bit pricey, but it’s a great location to catch a bus to anywhere in the city and is perfect for more mature travelers. This is where a majority of journalist and businessmen stay during their time in Urumqi. Read my Urumqi Hoi Tak Hotel Review
Hotel Rating:
9.2 / 10

Stay in Urumqi's Yin Du Hotel in Xinjiang, China
Check rates at Urumqi's Yin Du Hotel
Compare Prices at:
179号 Xihong West Road
+86 991 453 6688
Where is the Yin Du Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: yíndū jiŭdiàn
My Thoughts on Yin Du Hotel: The Yin Du Hotel is an excellent high-end option for travelers, businessmen & diplomats. It is located near Hong Shan Park, the Xinjiang Museum and lots of public transportation. There's plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby as well that will keep you busy. Read more in my Urumqi Yindu Hotel Review
Hotel Rating:
9.3 / 10

Urumqi's Grand Mercure Hotel
Check rates at Urumqi's Grand Mercure Hotel
109 East Xihong Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang
+86 0991-518-8888
Where is the Grand Mercure Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: měijué dàfàndiàn
My Thoughts on Urumqi's Grand Mercure Hotel: The Grand Mercure Hotel is an Accor-managed hotel that is as luxurious and comfortable as any other 5-star around the world. Because of it's location in the commercial center of the city, it's easy to get around and the amenities on site are incredible including... Read more in my Grand Mercure Urumqi review.
Hotel Rating:
9.2 / 10

Urumqi's Silver Start Hotel
Check rates at Urumqi's Silver Star Hotel
Compare Prices at:
Silver Star Hotel - 银星大酒店
639号 Qitai Rd Shayibak, Urumqi, Xinjiang
+86 991 588 8888
Where is the Silver Star Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: yínxīng dàjiǔdiàn
My Thoughts on Urumqi's Silver Star Hotel: The Silver Star is an impressive hotel that provides plenty of comfort and convenience for travelers. It's location not far from the Urumqi Train Station makes it convenient for those who are either arriving late by train or departing early in the morning. They have great transportation options to the station.
Hotel Rating:
8.8 / 10

Urumqi's International Trade Grand Hotel
Check rates at Urumqi's International Trade Grand Hotel
389 Tuanjie Road | Urumqi, Xinjiang
+86 991 853 2222
Where is the Urumqi International Trade Grand Hotel?Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: Guójì wàimào dàfàndiàn
My Thoughts on Urumqi's International Trade Grand Hotel: This hotel has one of the best locations in the south of Urumqi with incredible views of the city and the International Grand Bazaar. It caters to businessmen and luxury travelers, providing great comfort and excellent service. See more pictures and read my review of the hotel here.
Hotel Rating:
9.1 / 10

Urumqi Aksaray Hotel

*Unfortunately, online reservation is unavailable at this time.*
160 Shengli Road | Urumqi, Xinjiang
+86 991 288666 or 6200555
Where is the Silver Star Hotel?Price: $$$
Chinese Pronunciation: Ādílì Shāngshà
My Thoughts on Urumqi's Aksaray Hotel: The Urumqi Aksaray Hotel is one of the few nice hotels worth staying in the southern part of Xinjiang. I love where it's located (near the International Bazaar) but I don't like that you can't make online reservations. Read my review of the Aksaray here.
Hotel Rating:
8.5 / 10


Stay at Urumqi's Green Tree Hotel
Check rates at the Urumqi Green Tree Hotel
Compare Prices at:
Green Tree Inn - 格林豪泰酒店
295号 Xinhua South Rd Tianshan, Urumqi
+86 991 235 5998
Where is the Urumqi Green Tree Inn?Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: gélín háotài jiǔdiàn
My Thoughts on the Green Tree Inn: This hotel is your typical 3-star Chinese hotel that offers the necessities without going overboard. This is a great place to stay if you want a jumping off point into the southern (more Uyghur) parts of Urumqi. From here it's not a far walk to the International Bazaar, the Uyghur neighborhoods and the snack street.
Hotel Rating:
6.7 / 10

Stay at the Tumaris Hotel in Urumqi, XinjiangCheck rates at the Urumqi Tumaris Hotel
Tumaris (Tumalisi) Hotel - 突玛丽斯大饭店
618号 Xinhua South Rd Tianshan, Urumqi
+86 991 852 5555
Where is the Urumqi Tumaris Hotel?Price: $$$
Chinese Pronunciation: tūmǎlìsī dàfàndiàn
My Thoughts on the Tumaris Hotel: This beautiful 4-star hotel is located in the Uyghur heart of Urumqi. It's less than 100 meters away from the International Bazaar and all the major Uyghur shopping options. What's cool about this hotel, though, is the beautiful ethnic influences in the architecture and interior design. It's not a luxury hotel, but it's definitely an experience that you'll enjoy.
Hotel Rating:
6.9 / 10

The Super 8 Hotel chain in Urumqi, XinjiangCheck rates at the Urumqi Super 8
Compare Prices at:
Super 8 Hotel - 速8酒店
Multiple locations available; check their website
+86 991 559 0666
Where is the Urumqi Super 8 Hotel?Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: sùbā jiŭdiàn
My Thoughts on the Super 8: The great thing about the Super 8 is the price (which is quite cheap) and the fact that they have multiple locations across the city. My favorite is the one in the center of town near the bar street, but there is also one further north and further south. Check their website (see above) or just look for "Super 8" on Google Maps. They seem to be everywhere.
Hotel Rating:
6.4 / 10

White Birch International Youth Hostel in Urumqi, XinjiangCheck rates at the Urumqi White Birch Youth Hostel
White Birch Youth Hostel - 白桦林国际青年旅舍
No. 186 Nan Hu Road, Urumqi
+86 991 481 1428
Where is the Urumqi White Birch Youth Hostel?Price: $
Chinese Pronunciation: báihuà línguójì qīngnián lǚshè
My Thoughts on White Birch: The White Birch is one of only a couple youth hostels found in Urumqi that is really worth mentioning. You’ll get a great price here and good tour services (in English!) but I don’t rate this one high because its location is so far from anything worth visiting in Urumqi. Read more in my Urumqi White Birch Youth Hostel Review
Hotel Rating:
7 / 10

Maitian Youth Hostel in Urumqi, XinjiangCheck rates at the Urumqi MaiTian Youth Hostel
MaiTian Youth Hostel - 麦田国际青年旅馆
726 YouHou South Road
Where is the Urumqi MaiTian Youth Hostel?Price: $
Chinese Pronunciation: màitián guójì qīngnián lǚguǎn
My Thoughts on MaiTian: The MaiTian is currently one of the best hostels in terms of location, being situated right next to HongShan Park and quite a few bus stops. The rooms are clean but I will say that there are a few things lacking at the MaiTian... Read my Urumqi Maitian Youth Hostel Review
Hotel Rating:
8 / 10

Baolu Youth Hostel in Urumqi, XinjiangCheck rates at the Urumqi Baolu Youth Hostel
Baolu Youth Hostel - 宝鹿国际青年旅舍
652 West Kashgar Street
Where is the Urumqi Baolu Youth Hostel?Price: $
Chinese Pronunciation: Xīnjiāng bǎolù guójì qīngnián lǚshě
My Thoughts on Baolu: If you want a cheap place to stay overnight on a layover at the Urumqi airport, this might be a good option. Otherwise, it's location is terrible to see anything else in Urumqi. Read more details in my Urumqi Baolu Youth Hostel Review
Hotel Rating:
6 / 10


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