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Hotels in Yining (Yili), Xinjiang

If you’re looking to find the best Yili hotels, this list is the perfect place to start.  Yili (also known as Yining) is located on the western part of north Xinjiang close to Kazakhstan.  There is much history that lies in and around this city so it’s best to find a hotel that caters to your travel needs.  To help you plan your travel, these listing of Far West China recommended hotels in Xinjiang focus on this central city in the province. I hope it’s useful!

A view of the Yining Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaYili Hotel (伊犁宾馆)    $$

Pronunciation: Yīlí bīnguăn               Find it on a Map

Description: Not far from Yili’s “Stalin Street” is this Russian-themed hotel.  It’s reasonably priced, well-located, and offers a decent bed to sleep while in Yili.  Regular hotel rooms and cheap dorm beds are both available.


Tianshan Hotel (天山宾馆)   $

Pronunciation: Tiānshān bīnguăn        Find it on a Map

Description: The Tianshan hotel offers both hotel rooms and dorm beds for a cheap price.  Located along the busy Shengli Road, you won’t have a hard time finding restaurants or places to walk.


A view of Yili's Friendship Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaFriendship Hotel (友谊宾馆)   $$

Pronunciation: yŏuyì bīnguăn         Find it on a Map

Description: This hotel was renovated back in 2003 and works well as a mid-priced option for tourist and business travelers.

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A view of Yili's Twin Star Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaTwin Star Hotel (将军双辰大酒店)   $$$

Pronunciation: jiāngjūn shuāngchén dàjiŭdiàn   Find it on a Map

Description: You won’t find this one in a China travel guide, but you sure as heck can’t miss it driving along the road.  The hotel offers the usual business amenities and is walking distance from a good selection of restaurants and shopping areas.


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