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Hotels in Hotan (Khotan), Xinjiang

If you’re looking to find the best Hotan hotels, this list is the perfect place to start. Hotan is located south of Kashgar along the edge of the incredible Taklamakan desert. You’ll want to spend as much time as you can walking through the streets of this beautiful city, so finding a hotel with a great location is important.

To help you plan your travel, these listing of Far West China recommended hotels in Xinjiang focus on this southern desert city in the province. I hope it’s useful!

A view of the Hotan Guest Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaHotan Guest Hotel (和田迎宾馆)  $$$

Pronunciation: hétián yíngbīnguăn         Find it on a Map

Description: This is one of the nicer hotels in Hotan which still offers cheaper rooms in its old wing.  Dormitory rooms are available and most stays come with a complimentary Chinese breakfast.  If you’re looking for a more comfortable stay they also offer higher-end rooms in the newer wing.


A view of the Hotan Hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaHotan Hotel (和田宾馆)  $$

Pronunciation: hétián bīnguăn               Find it on a Map

Description: Since it’s renovation in the early 2000’s the Hotan Hotel has actual become a place worth staying.  It offers nice grounds for walking and a decent restaurant.  As you can tell from the picture to the left, the 3-star hotel offers a flavor of local architecture.


Jiaotong Hotel in Hotan, XinjiangTianhai Hotel (天海大酒店)   $$

Pronunciation: tiānhăi dàjiŭdiàn          Find it on a Map

Description: Tianhai was opened in 2002 and serves as a well-run 3-star hotel centrally located in Hotan.  Rooms are fairly priced and offer comfortable amenities.
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Jiaotong Hotel in Hotan, XinjiangJiaotong Hotel (交通宾馆)   $

Pronunciation: jiāotōng bīnguăn         Find it on a Map

Description: You’ll find one of these in almost every city in China, usually located next to a bus station.  Rooms here aren’t incredible but they offer dorm beds for super-cheap.


A view of the Tianhai Hotel in Hotan, Xinjiang Zhejiang Hotel (浙江大酒店)  $$$

Pronunciation: Zhèjiāng dàjiŭdiàn          Find it on a Map

Description: This is one of the few 4-star hotels in Hotan and is aimed more at the business traveler than the tourist.  It offers nice rooms, 4 different restaurants, and a business center.


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