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Hotels in Turpan, Xinjiang

This list of Turpan hotels is the most up-to-date that you’ll find anywhere. I have personally visited each hotel this year and my descriptions are based on personal experience. Please note that the links to the hotels are affiliate links, which at no additional cost to you will help to keep this website running and the information fresh. Thanks!

If you’re looking to find the best Turpan hotels, this list is the perfect place to start. Most of the tourist hotels in Turpan are located in the south west corner of the city but you will find a few scattered along the south and western edges. The city is small enough to be walkable, but you’ll still want to be choosy about where you decide to sleep. Below is the list of FarWestChina recommended hotels along with map links to help you find their location.

Stay at the Turpan Silk Road Lodge
Check rates at the Turpan Silk Road Lodge
Turpan Silk Road Lodge The Vine - 丝绸之路 公寓
Muna'ercun, Turpan
+86 995 856-8333
Where is the Turpan Silk Road Lodge? Price: $$$
Chinese Pronunciation: sīchóuzhīlù gōngyù
My Thoughts on the Silk Road Lodge: Unlike any other hotel you'll find in Xinjiang, the Silk Road Lodge is a "boutique hotel" that offers an experience you'll never forget. It's located outside the city in the middle of a grape orchard, just a short walk from the Emin Minaret. If you want to experience rural Turpan life from the comfort of a bed-and-breakfast, you will love the Silk Road Lodge. Read my review of the lodge here.
Hotel Rating:
9 / 10

Bed & Breakfast Style
Stay at Turpans JiaoTong Hotel
Check rates at the Turpan JiaoTong Hotel
Turpan JiaoTong Hotel - 交通宾馆
230号 Laocheng West Rd Turpan
+86 995 625-8666 or 625-8688
Where is the Turpan Jiao Tong Hotel? Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: jiāotōng bīnguăn
My Thoughts on the Jiao Tong Hotel: This hotel has been a favorite of Turpan travelers for some time, and for good reason. It's very well-priced, relatively comfortable (renovated in 2009) and right across the street from the night market in the heart of the Uyghur neighborhood. It also helps that it's not far from the bus station (which moved in 2014). Come here not because you expect luxury, but because you want a good location base. Read more of my review here...
Hotel Rating:
9 / 10

The Turpan Grand Hotel in Xinjiang Check rates at the Turpan Grand Hotel
Turpan (Grand) Hotel - 吐鲁番大饭店
422号‎ Gaochang Middle Rd Turpan
+86 995 855 3668
Where is the Turpan Grand Hotel? Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: tŭlŭfān dàfàndiàn
My Thoughts on the Turpan Grand Hotel: This 3-star hotel is another moderately-priced place with a variety of rooms to meet your budget. It’s a 5-minute walk to the city park with a nice supermarket across the street. Although it is nice and clean, most tourist don’t usually stay here because it lacks any Uyghur influence and is a located away from most of the tourist attractions in the city (although they’re not far!).
Hotel Rating:
7.6 / 10

Stay at the Turpan Petroleum Hotel Check rates at the Turpan Petroleum Hotel
Turpan Petroleum Hotel - 吐哈石油大厦
230号‎ Wenhua East Rd, Turpan
+86 995 857 8628
Where is the Turpan Petroleum Hotel? Price: $$$$
Chinese Pronunciation: tǔhā shíyóu dàshà
My Thoughts on the Turpan Petroleum Hotel: Technically this is a 5-star hotel - and no doubt it's the nicest hotel in Turpan - but it doesn't quite compare with big city 5-star hotels. The hotel boasts large rooms and beautiful decoration. It is located in the north of town, which is peaceful but also quite a distance from the Uyghur part of town or any great tourist destinations.
Hotel Rating:
7.8 / 10

Stay at the White Camel Youth Hostel Check rates at the Turpan White Camel Youth Hostel
Turpan White Camel Youth Hostel - 吐鲁番白骆青年旅舍
55号 Beziklik Rd Turpan
Where is the Turpan White Camel Youth Hostel? Price: $
Chinese Pronunciation: Tǔlǔfān báiluò qīngnián lǚshě
My Thoughts on the White Camel Youth Hostel: White Camel is one of the newest hostels in Xinjiang and the first true hostel in Turpan. It's spacious and clean but decoration is lacking and it feels more like the factory is was converted from. It's a good deal and centrally located, but there's no Wi-fi. Read more in my White Camel Youth Hostel review...
Hotel Rating:
7.5 / 10

Stay at the Turpan Oasis Hotel Check rates at the Turpan Oasis Hotel
41号 Qingnian Rd Turpan
+86 995 852 2491
Where is the Turpan Oasis Hotel? Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: sīlùlǜzhōu bīnguăn
My Thoughts on the Turpan Oasis Hotel: IMPORTANT - While you're still going to find the Oasis hotel in many guide books, the truth is that it has been completely torn down and won't be rebuilt until 2015 or later. Go ahead and cross this hotel off your list of possible places to stay.
Hotel Rating:

Being Built
Stay at the Turpan Hotel Check rates at the Turpan Hotel
Turpan Hotel - 吐鲁番宾馆
1695 Qingnian Road, Turpan
+86 995 856 8888
Where is the Turpan Hotel? Price: $$
Chinese Pronunciation: tŭlŭfān bīnguăn
My Thoughts on the Turpan Hotel: Located a short walk from city life, the Turpan hotel boasts a quiet atmosphere in the central-south of town. Unfortunately the building itself is quite old and in desperate need of renovation. Rooms aren’t expensive but lack an inviting atmosphere. Next door to the Turpan Hotel is John’s Cafe (open June-September), a useful place for tourist to get western food, rent a bike or find out tour information. Read more about the Turpan Hotel...
Hotel Rating:
6.6 / 10

Stay at Turpan's Karez Hotel Check rates at the Turpan Karez Hotel
Turpan Karez (Minju) Hotel - 民居宾馆
888 Ximen Village Al Township, Xincheng Road, Turpan
Where is the Turpan Karez Hotel? Price: $$$
Chinese Pronunciation: mínjū bīnguǎn
My Thoughts on the Turpan Hotel: The Karez Hotel, aka "Minju Guesthouse", is a 4-star hotel located west of Turpan proper. It sits right next door to the Karez museum and on the grounds of a beautiful grape vineyard. The rooms are nothing particularly special, but the setting and the surrounding neighborhood are what set this hotel apart from the others.
Hotel Rating:
6.6 / 10


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