Government Announces "Gradual Restoration" of Internet | Xinjiang: Far West China

Government Announces "Gradual Restoration" of Internet

December 29 | No Comments

Our city is buzzing over a recent government announcement posted on the web and spread via the radio and the rapid word of mouth (newspapers were apparently left out of the loop).
I’ve translated a short section below:
“As of midnight on December 28, 2009 (Beijing time) limited web access will be restored in Xinjiang for use of the People’s Website ( and Xinhua News ( After this, according to how the situation develops, other websites and Internet related services will be restored as well as text messaging and international calling use. As the communication restriction is lifted for other parts, we will post separate announcements…
Please everyone grant us your understanding and support…”
All loopholes are still locked up tight, and I am posting this with difficulty through an intermediary. Skype, email, and IM are still restricted, but the excitement among the people right now is contagious, and I’m cautiously optimistic about this first small step toward our release from communication prison.

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