Busy Sunday in Hotan: Pic of the Week

November 12 | 3 Comments

A busy street scene at a Khotan market in Xinjiang, China

Sunday Market Business by Michael Moss

The Hotan Sunday market rivals the Kashgar market nowadays as being the largest and the best place to step back in time. Among the most popular sights are the colorful silks, incredible carpets, and, of course, the livestock bazaar.

It might interest you to note that as of later this year Khotan will become even more accessible to the modern traveler thanks to a new rail line from Kashgar that has recently been completed. The 488km line won’t be faster than a Xinjiang bus but likely more comfortable. Trains should be in service by the beginning of tourist season 2011.

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  1. Hotan sunday market indeed rivals with kashgar sunday market in many ways, in my personal view is that, Kashgar Sunday Market is larger than Hotan sunday market in terms of size and quantity of the goods, but when it comes to originality and charm, Hotan sunday market is much better than Kashgar sunday market. i just want to add few more must sees for the area besides ur post, which are visiting the Imam Asim tomb with bit of camel riding, or camping over night, visiting one of the surrounding village markets, also, there is an old man who makes mulberry paper, it is also interesting to visit.