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An Article for the BBC

February 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

Logo for the BBCYesterday the BBC posted a short piece I wrote for them about the current situation here in Xinjiang. If you’re interested to check it out, you can look at the Asia-Pacific page of the BBC where you’ll find – at least for now – a picture of my wife and I (March Update: obviously this picture is now gone), or you can just read the entire article here. Most of the information isn’t new to those who are regular readers of FarWestChina.

It was a wonderful opportunity and I feel honored that they contacted me to write even though it was an eye-opening experience. For example, the 500-word article they requested was slashed to a mere 300 words and my structure was entirely rearranged. They did it all in the name of “house style” and with my permission, of course, but I was still humbled. I read it and it just doesn’t sound like me.

Regardless, I’m elated to have a link. I appreciate everybody who has given me your support and encouragement, despite how much I might not deserve either. The title, which was taken by the editors from my very last sentence, makes the piece sound harsher than it really is.

BBC: Blogger describes Xinjiang as “Internet Prison”

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