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Lucky Chance Hotel – Urumqi, Xinjiang (formerly City Hotel)


The Lucky Chance Hotel in Urumqi Xinjiang
  • Chinese Name: 城市朗辰大酒店 (Chéngshì lǎng chén dà jiǔdiàn)
  • Address: 27 Hong Qi Road
  • Phone: 0991-2207666
  • Directions: Find your way to the intersection of Zhongshanlu (中山路) and HongQiLu (红旗路). The intersection is the entrance to the computer market. Follow HongQi Road north 500m and the hotel is on the left side before you reach the large roundabout.


**Note: Former called “City Hotel” in English but has remodeled and changed its name**


The Lucky Chance Hotel has an excellent location in the middle of downtown Urumqi. The hotel is within a couple hundred meters of major bus stops, great shopping, People’s Square, a movie theater, countless restaurants and much more.

It’s a very Chinese part of town (as opposed to the southern, Uyghur part of the city), but it’s not far from Nan Men where you can go one bus stop to the International Bazaar and other great Uyghur markets.

Unless you’re willing to pay 5x’s as much to stay at the Hoi Tak Hotel nearby, this is by far the best price for the location.


The Lucky Chance Hotel is a clean, comfortable place to stay for a reasonably affordable price.

The reception area has been redecorated to make it look like a 5-star hotel but the rooms are your average Chinese hotel rooms. They all come with free internet, basic China cable television and a hot water boiler to make tea/coffee.

The hotel concierge is located in the lobby and is prepared to help travelers get connected with the resources they need.

Exterior of the Lucky Chance Hotel in Urumqi Xinjiang Lobby of the Lucky Chance Hotel in Urumqi Xinjiang Standard room at the Lucky Chance Hotel in Urumqi Xinjiang Another standard room in the Lucky Chance Hotel, Urumqi Xinjiang

Room Options

Because of the design of the hotel, they have some interesting room options. The cheapest is what they affectionately call the “inner-view”, which is code for “there are no windows in this room”. To be fair, this hotel doesn’t have stunning views in the rooms that do have windows, so if you want to save a few bucks you can stay in one of these rooms.

The other two options are the standard and deluxe. The standard is your typical Chinese hotel with twin beds, a TV and an attached private bathroom. The deluxe, on the other hand, has double the space, a queen bed and separated living space with a couch.

Depending on the time of year, you should be able to get a room here for somewhere between 200-300 RMB per night not including the deposit (which is refundable).