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Kashgar Maitian Youth Hostel – Kashgar, Xinjiang


Review of the Kashgar Maitian International Youth Hostel in Xinjiang
  • Chinese Name: 喀什麦田青年旅舍 (Kāshi màitián qīngnián lǚshě)
  • Address: 726 Youhao South Road
  • Phone: 0998-2620595 or 2611872
  • Directions: Located on the east side of the Dong Hu Lake, you can either take a #26 or #28 bus to Jiéhé yīyuàn (结核医院站) bus stop and walk about 300m south on Rénmín dōng lù nán yī xiàng (人民东路南一巷). However, it’s most convenient to just take a taxi using the directions in the “More Info” section below.



The Kashgar Maitian Hostel is located in the southeast side of Kashgar, not too far from the train station. The surrounding scenery, including the lake to the west and a part of the Kashgar Old Town to the north are quite beautiful.

However, most people – including me – lament that this hostel is quite a distance from Kashgar’s biggest attraction – the Id Kah Mosque and the Uyghur part of town. It’s only a short 5-10 minute taxi ride, but if you want to experience the Uyghur part of Kashgar you should check out other options like the Pamir Hostel or the Old Town hostel.

For those looking for a nice, quiet place to rest near a large park, the Kashgar Maitian is pretty good. In all fairness, it is closer to the Apak Khoja Mausoleum and the bazaar than any of the other hostels in the city.


The Kashgar Maitian has a pleasant atmosphere with what I would describe as more of a Chinese feel than a Uyghur one. However, it also has some of the most comfortable rooms of any of the Kashgar hostels.

They have an assortment of books, although I wouldn’t call it a large library. They offer wifi throughout the property as well as bike rentals during the warmer months.

You won’t find as many foreign tourists at this hostel as you would further toward the center of town, but if you want to surround yourself by more Chinese tourists, this would be a good place to start.

Dorm room at the Kashgar MaiTian Hostel Bathroom at the MaiTian Youth Hostel Twin Room at the Kashgar MaiTian Youth Hostel Private Room at the MaiTian Youth Hostel in Kashgar, Xinjiang

Room Options

The Kashgar Maitian Youth Hostel offers a mix of rooms including a private twin room and dorm rooms accommodating 4,6 and 8 people (both mixed and segregated by sex).

Prices are comparable for hostels in this area and you should be able to get a discount if you go during peak season.

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