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Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel – Kashgar, Xinjiang


Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel in Xinjiang, China
  • Chinese Name: 喀什老城青年旅舍 (Kāshi lǎo chéng qīngnián lǚshě)
  • Address: 233 Wusitang Boyi Road
  • Phone: 0998-2823262 or 152-7610-6605
  • Directions: You either take a #20 bus to the Post office (邮局站) or take a taxi and tell them “吾斯塘博依路 233号,四拍西50米” (Wúsītáng bóyīlù 233 hào, sìpāi xi 50 mǐ). It’s on the south side of the Wusitang road.



Kashgar’s Old Town Youth Hostel boasts an excellent location behind the famous Id Kah Mosque and pretty much in the middle of the Kashgar Old Town (although this part of town is under continuous change).

As long as you’re well equipped with the map below and the name of the street, this shouldn’t be a difficult place for you to find. It isn’t on a main street, though, which would make it hard to find just by verbal direction.


What most travelers like about the Old Town Youth Hostel is the courtyard atmosphere. All rooms overlook a common courtyard that has been beautifully decorated with a Uyghur style and hosts great get-togethers in the summer evenings.

Compared to hostels in other countries or even throughout China, you may find this to be a bit drab or dirty, but this is about the standard for hostels in this part of the world. If you’re looking for something super clean and comfortable, it’s better to consider a hotel in Kashgar.

The hostel offers free wifi (which is spotty), bicycle rentals (the bikes are ok), and help getting together tours in and around Kashgar.

8-bed dorm at the Old Town Hostel in Kashgar, Xinjiang 6-bed dorm at the Old Town Youth Hostel in Kashgar, Xinjiang Entrance to the Old Town Youth Hostel in Kashgar, Xinjiang Courtyard at the Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel in Xinjiang

Room Options

The Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel has a few different options for rooms, which is convenient. You can get a 4-bed dorm, 6-bed dorm, 8-bed dorm and a private room, all at expected hostel prices.

All of the dorm rooms share a bathroom/shower while the private room is an ensuite with its own bathroom. Based on what I’ve heard from other travelers, hot water is unreliable at best.

One thing this hostel has going for it is some of the best prices. They fluctuate not only based on season but also based on weekend/weekdays, so I recommend using the link below to check rates and availability. During peak months this hostel regularly books up, so it’s best to book ahead of time.

–> Click for Rates and Availability at Kashgar Old Town <–