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K2 International Youth Hostel – Tashkorgan, Xinjiang


Review of the Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel
  • Chinese Name: 凯途国际青年旅舍 (Kǎitú guójì qīngnián lǚshě)
  • Address: 1 Hongqi Lafu Road
  • Phone: 0998-3492266 or 18299651555
  • Directions: This city is so small you should just walk there. Walk north past the famous eagle statue in the center of town along Honqi Lafu Road. The hostel will be on your left.



The Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel, opened in October of 2012, is located in the tiny town of Tashkorgan along the Karakoram Highway (KKH) between Kashgar and the China/Pakistan border.

The hostel is pretty much in the middle of town, although that doesn’t really matter much since it’s the only hostel in town. There are hotels that foreigners are allowed to stay at but if you’ve come this far it’s best to just stay at a place that most every other traveler stays at.

It’s not as tricky to find as you may think. The big yellow building with a sign that says “K2” on the top helps quite a bit.


The K2 has a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that fits with the pace of the city in general. Most hostels in Xinjiang run on a lower standard than the rest of China, which basically means that K2 is clean enough to live comfortably but don’t expect a typical hostel.

They have a pool table in the lobby, a bar and a rooftop terrace which offers a nice view of the city and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Considering the fact that it’s your only hostel option in this part of the world, it’s really not a bad option overall.

Dorm room at the Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel in Xinjiang Twin room at the Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel in Xinjiang Bathroom at the Tashkorgan Youth Hostel in Xinjiang Pool table at the Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel in Xinjiang Lobby of the Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel in Xinjiang

Room Options

The Tashkorgan K2 Youth Hostel does offer a couple different options for room arrangements including a private room with its own bathroom, a double with a shared bathroom and 8-bed dorm rooms.

They advertise wifi although don’t expect to get an extremely fast connection in these parts. The decoration is simple if not a bit boring, but that’s to be expected.

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