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Turpan Jiao Tong Hotel – Turpan, Xinjiang


A review of the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel in Xinjiang
  • Chinese Name: 吐鲁番交通宾馆 (Tǔlǔfān jiāotōng bīnguǎn)
  • Address: 230 Old Town West Road
  • Phone: 0995-625 8666 or 625-8688
  • Directions: From the bus station just walk a few hundred meters north through the bazaar, otherwise take a taxi. It’s a large building just south of the city center and across the street from the Uyghur bazaar entrance.



It used to be that the Turpan JiaoTong Hotel was perfectly located next to the city bus station, but ever since the Turpan bus station was relocated in early 2014, that is no longer the case.

Still, the hotel is just a short walk from the bus station and, in my opinion, is still one of the best budget lodging options. The hotel has been renovated and looks great both inside and out. Nearby you’ll find the Bank of China, Xinhua Bookstore, and numerous restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Pro Tip: the south side of the hotel faces the bazaar, which is a lot of fun but can also be very noisy. If you want quiet, request a room on the north side of the hotel which opens out into a quiet, deserted parking lot.


There’s nothing spectacular about the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel, it’s best to describe this as your typical 3-star Chinese hotel. And that’s not a bad thing, either.

The lobby is nice but not ornate. The staff was friendly and tend to be helpful to travelers. Breakfast is included, although it’s the typical Chinese breakfast that includes boiled eggs, mantou, and some spicy dishes. Still, it’s free so why complain?

What’s great about the Jiaotong is that the moment you step outside the hotel you’re greeted by the bustling Turpan city life including the Uyghur bazaar across the street which is a lot of fun to wander around.

The Uyghur bazaar across the street from the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel Jiaotong Outside Bathroom view at the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel A standard room at the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel in Xinjiang The front entrance to the Turpan Jiaotong Hotel

Room Options

The rooms exceeded my expectations, especially considering the low price. Bathrooms were clean and the bed was comfortable. They have different-sized rooms that are priced accordingly so don’t be ashamed to ask to see some rooms before you move in.

The only downside is that they don’t offer wi-fi in the rooms. There was free wi-fi in the lobby, but that’s it.

They offer standard rooms, deluxe rooms and even some suites, all of which are some of the lowest-priced available in the city.