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Capturing Uyghur Culture in Photographs

April 23 | 1 Comment

An elderly Uyghur biking through Kashgar's Old City by Ashok Sinha

The ability to capture the essence of a culture through the narrow confines of a camera lens is a fine art.  Writers have the luxury of spending countless hours structuring and editing their work, but for those who document a society with their camera the perfect scene may last only a brief moment.

Ashok Sinha is a veteran photographer who has attempted such a feat during his first trip out to Xinjiang.  Born in India but educated in America, Ashok will soon have the opportunity to display his work in New York in order to raise awareness for his project that will “document the traditional lifestyle of Uyghurs before it changes forever.”

The preservation of Uyghur culture made headlines all over the world last year after authorities in far west Kashgar began tearing down parts of the Old City.  According to Ashok:

I strongly feel that the condition of Xinjiang’s inhabitants serves as a testament to the importance of upholding cultural democracy…[this work] from my first trip is an attempt to create a visual record of the Uyghurs’ traditional culture and lifestyle.

This body of work will be displayed at an upcoming show in New York on May 15th.  If you have the chance I strongly suggest you support Ashok Sinha by either visiting his show or assisting him in funding his next trip to Xinjiang.

Also, check out his website to get a sneak peek at more of these gorgeous photographs from the set entitled “Life in Balance”.  Thanks to Mr. Sinha for providing me with details for his show and permission to display a piece of his work.

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