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Camel Meat, Anybody? Xinjiang Pic of the Week

January 12 | 1 Comment

In Xinjiang, camels aren’t just for riding!

A pair of severed camel heads in Xinjiang, China

Thanks to Alex Blackwelder, a Xinjiang enthusiast and faithful FarWestChina reader, for submitting this photo! Below is an excerpt from her website about the photo:

I was in Hotan, West China exploring one of the city’s awesome weekly markets. Hotan citizens are mainly Uyghur, a Muslim ethnicity that you would never think lives in China. When I passed the butcher, I saw these two camel heads. Such an odd thing to see on the ground. I set up my composition & right before I took the photo, that man turned around & looked at me. Perfect. He completes the photo, in my opinion. I don’t remember him looking as mean in person as he does in this photo.

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  1. I’ve eaten “camel paw” (foot) with lemon in Urumqi, and had a camel meat type of chili con carne dish in Kashgar, and Camel milk is available in plenty of places in the North-West of Xinjiang – especially amongst the Kazaks. It tastes how you’d think – slightly bitter but with what I can only describe as a thorny creaminess. Apparently its very good for you and is now being produced commercially in Mongolia, to the north. Great photo!