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Downloadable Maps of Xinjiang, China

Are you looking for a good map of Xinjiang, China?

The following is a collection of Xinjiang maps that you can use for reference or to help you plan your travel throughout the province of Xinjiang. Some of these maps are in English while others are in Chinese.

I will try to continually add new maps to this page and I welcome any suggestions for other helpful maps. If you have a map you think might be useful for FarWestChina readers, please use the contact form to share.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re planning to travel to Xinjiang, have you seen the FarWestChina Xinjiang travel guide? It’s the only up-to-date, comprehensive guide for the region from the most respected source of information on the region. Grab a copy today – thanks in advance for your support!

Click on the maps to enlarge, then right click to download.

General Xinjiang Maps

The Official FarWestChina Xinjiang Map

English map of Xinjiang (high resolution) from FarWestChina

This Xinjiang map was custom designed specifically for my Xinjiang Travel Guide. It’s not going to be useful as a map guide for your travels, but it is a good general reference Xinjiang map. If you use this, please be kind and include a link back to this website. I spent a lot of money to have this and many other maps designed!

Road Map of Xinjiang (in Chinese)

A Xinjiang Road map in Chinese

A few years ago, once I got my Chinese driver’s license, I bought a Chinese road map. The good news is that it’s very accurate. The bad news is that it’s all in Chinese. If you can’t read Chinese, it might not be very useful for you other than to show you the available paths.

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Xinjiang GDP Density Map

Xinjiang GDP Density Map - Xinjiang, China

This map shows the distribution of wealth around Xinjiang. You’ll notice high concentrations around Karamay (in the north) and Korla (in the middle). This is because these two areas are heavy oil producers.

Xinjiang Ethnic Population Density Maop

Xinjiang's Ethnic population distribution map

The above map shows the distribution of China’s ethnic groups in Xinjiang back in 2010 (it’s only changed slightly since then). You’ll notice that the south is more heavily Uyghur while the north has more Han, Kazakh and others.

Urumqi Maps

A map of Urumqi in English

Turpan Maps

A map of Turpan in English


Kashgar Map

English Map of Kashgar

A Chinese road map of Kashgar

Karamay Maps

A Chinese road map of Karamay

Hotan Maps

A Chinese road map of Hotan

Korla Map

A Chinese road map of Korla

Yining Map (Yili)

A Chinese road map of Yining (Yili)

Shihezi Map

A Chinese road map of Shihezi

Aksu Map


Hami Map

A Chinese road map of Hami

Tacheng Map

A Chinese road map of Tacheng, Xinjiang

Final Thoughts | Xinjiang Maps

Hopefully you were able to find some good Xinjiang maps to use here, either of the Xinjiang province or of one of the many cities in Xinjiang. If you have something specific that you’re looking for, let me know.

You’ll find even more custom, high-quality Xinjiang maps in my Xinjiang guide book. If you’re traveling to Xinjiang anytime in the future, it’s definitely something you’ll want to help you plan the trip!