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Could YOU Pass the China Driver’s Test?

Do you have what it takes to pass the China driver’s test in order to get a Chinese Driver’s License?

It takes a score of 90/100 to pass the China driver’s test. If you’re interested, you can read about my experience taking the test here as well as everything else that was involved with getting a Chinese driver’s license.

Below are just 10 questions out of the 1,000 question bank to see how you would fare. Don’t forget to share your results and you can see below for more explanations on the answers.

Chinese Driver’s Test Quiz

Quiz Answer Bank (Don’t Cheat!)

Not happy with your score? Think these questions are a bit confusing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of the questions on the Chinese driver’s exam are confusing both for the translation and the content. If you want to see some answers to the quiz questions, I’ve provided an answer bank below.

Question #1

Question: When a running vehicle suddenly falls into water, the driver should _______ to escape.

Answer: Use feet to smash the window and swim out after the vehicle stabilizes in water


Question #2

China Sign 1

Question: What does this sign mean?

Answer: Minimum speed 50 km/hr


Question #3

China Sign 2

Question: What does this sign mean?

Answer: Road closed


Question #4

China Driving Situation 2

Question: What is this traffic police hand signal?

Answer: Signal to go straight

*Police hand signals are some of the most counter-intuitive signals ever. You just have to memorize it and hope you never run into one!


Question #5

China Sign 3

Question: What does this sign mean?

Answer: Passing on the right side

*It all has to do with the direction of the stripes.


Question #6


Question: The main feature of pedestrians participating in road traffic is ___________.

Answer: They walk around at will and can easily change directions.

*Those pesky pedestrians!


Question #7

China Sign 4

Question: What does this sign mean?

Answer: Manned level crossing

*A “level crossing” means a railroad crossing.


Question #8


Question: What is the meaning of the white rectangular boxes?

Answer: Limited time parking


Question #9

China Sign 5

Question: What does this sign mean?

Answer: Watch for children


Question #10

Question: What is the meaning of the white lines on the road?

Answer: Carriageway horizontal speed-reducing markings