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Every day my RSS Reader is filled with over 100 different blogs or news sources which I keep up with in some way or another. I don’t recommend every one of them, which is why I have the list below. If you have any interest in China – for news or travel – these are the sites you should check out.


Xinjiang Websites

As you’ll see there are very few sites about Xinjiang – and currently none that are regularly updated. I have kept links to sites that still have valuable content and left the names of ones that are now defunct just to keep a history of their existence.

  • Autonomous Region (now password-blocked): This is a pretty obscure site that has a good Uyghur focus and publishes semi-regularly.


  • This is Xinjiang (no longer active): Not frequently updated, but good writing. One of my favorite parts of this blog are its pictures.  Check out their Flickr page.



  • The Opposite End of China (no longer active): In its heyday this blog was much more popular than mine is now.  Still, Michael Manning (the author) focused on very sensitive political topics which I try to shy away from.  Searching through his archives can be quite the adventure, I guarantee.



  • Central Asia Traveler (Update: now defunct): This is the only website on this list that is a static site (meaning it is never updated). Considering how very little that has been written about the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, though, I think this is a valuable resource for any person who thinks of traveling there.  Includes information on Hotan, Yutian, Ruoqiang, Qiemo, and Minfeng.



  • The New Dominion:  (Update: taken down) Aside from Far West China, The New Dominion is (now was) one of the best places to find thought-provoking commentary on events happening in Xinjiang.



  • Thoughts on the History of Xinjiang: (no longer publicly available) This is one of the best blogs on Xinjiang history, but be warned: it’s not light reading.  The articles are well-researched and academic in nature.  Also, I have respect for bloggers who put their name and reputation on their work (a rarity in Xinjiang blogging…for good reasons).




China Sites

China Aggregators

  • HaoHaoReport: This is a Digg-like community website dedicated to promoting the best stories about China.  You’ll find that I’m pretty active here.


  • Reddit (China): A part of the Reddit community that deals specifically with China. Interesting and constantly changing.



  • China.Alltop: Another automatic aggregator which allows you to pick which feeds you want to view.



  China News

  • Shanghaiist: the only city-based website I know of that appeals to readers all over China.  Also aggregates news and blogs.  They post quite often but sometimes feel more like a tabloid than a news source, unfortunately.


  • China RealTime Report: great write-ups and links to all the top news stories dealing with China.  I’m disappointed they stopped linking up to smaller blogs, though.  Now they only mention major news sources.



  China Blogs

  • The China Observer: business observations from a foreigner who has spent almost a decade in Asia.


  • This Ridiculous World: A tongue-in-cheek site which discusses the lighter, most crazy side of living in China.





  • China Whisper: Some great translations and interesting China-related articles




Travel Blogs

China Travel

Expat Resources

Travel Blogs

Want to see your link on this page? I’m always open for link swaps as long as it’s related to Xinjiang, China, or travel so please send all requests to josh [at] farwestchina [dot] com.  Thanks!