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Hotels in Hami, Xinjiang

If you’re looking to find the best Hami hotels, this list is the perfect place to start.  Hami is located on the eastern edge of the Xinjiang province nearby Gansu.

Hami isn’t a very large city, but you’ll still want to be located in the center of town to take advantage of the parks and good restaurants.  To help you plan your travel, these listing of Far West China recommended hotels in Xinjiang focus on this eastern city in the province. I hope it’s useful!

The front of the Hami hotel in Xinjiang, ChinaHami Hotel (哈密宾馆) $$$

Pronunciation: Hhāmì Bīnguăn                    Find it on a Map

Description: Although tucked away in a small corner of Hami this hotel isn’t a far walk from the city center.  The rooms are typical for China and the hotel isn’t geared toward tourists, but you can’t expect much from a 2-star hotel. It’s possible to get an internet connection in the rooms, however, which would be a huge plus for any business or leisure travelers who must stay connected while they’re gone.


The Nanyuan Hotel in Hami, Xinjiang (China)Nanyuan Hotel (南园宾馆) $$

Pronunciation: Nányuán Bīnguăn      Find it on a Map

Description: This hotel has a great location next to a large park along a somewhat busy thoroughfare. Prices are decent and the hotel rooms are average.
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The inside of the Hongde Hotel in Hami, XinjiangHongde Hotel (鸿德酒店) $$-$$$

Pronunciation: hóngdé jiŭdiàn         Find it on a Map

Description: Yet another hotel located just a little east of the city center, you should find the rooms here comfortable although not necessarily cheap.


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