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Karamay Ghost City | Traveler’s Guide

Karamay Ghost City (Chinese: 魔鬼城) is a collection of yardang land forms in the middle of the Jung’gar Desert of China’s north western region of Xinjiang. Although difficult to reach, it offers spectacular and beautiful views that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Karamay Ghost City at sunset

Ghost City is located about an hour north of Karamay next to the smaller city of Wuerhe (乌尔禾 Wūěrhé). It’s a natural phenomenon of rock formed from the intense wind that sweeps across the desert here.

The eerie noise this wind makes as it moves through the large rocks is what prompted its name.

Believe it or not, you may have already seen the Wuerhe Ghost City on the silver screen. Do you remember the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Scenes from that movie along with many other Chinese movies were filmed here.

The famous Ghost City of Karamay in Xinjiang, China

Visit Karamay Ghost City

There are tour groups that leave Karamay specifically for a day trip to Karamay’s Ghost city.

You can take a Chinese tour group here but the best option is to just hire a car or ask your driver to stop here on the way up to Altay. A driver should cost about 400-800 RMB for the day.

  • Entrance Fee: There is an entrance fee for the park (46元) at which point you can take a shuttle (52元) or walk the paths on your own (which really aren’t that bad unless it’s intensely hot).
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Karamay Ghost City Photos

For a bit of inspiration, enjoy these additional photos of the Karamay Ghost City in Xinjiang, China.

Beautiful Ghost City in Karamay
A group of people dwarfed by the Ghost City Rock Formations