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Moving to Xinjiang?

Tips on finding a job and moving out to western China.

Thinking of Moving to Xinjiang? Congrats on planning one of the most exciting adventures of your life. It’s not always easy to make all the arrangements, but trust me when I say that it’s worth the effort to work in Xinjiang.

Below are some tips and resources to help you find a job, study in Xinjiang or just enjoy your stay. If you’re not quite sure exactly which city you want to live in, check out the Xinjiang city guides on the left side of this page. Finally, you need to check out the FarWestChina travel resources page for more help. And always feel free to contact me with any questions!

Xinjiang Beauty

Why Live in Xinjiang?

If you’re not quite convinced that Xinjiang is the right place for you to move, here are a few things to consider:

Teaching English in Xinjiang, China

Teaching English in Xinjiang

One of the most common ways for foreigners to spend an extended period of time in Xinjiang is to teach English. Here’s how you do it!

Study in Xinjiang, China

Studying in Xinjiang

For some, Xinjiang is an opportunity to study a new language or to get their master’s in Asian studies. If that’s you, check this out:

Tips on living in Xinjiang, China

Tips on Life in China

From visas and embassies to health and staying connected to home, here are some things to consider before moving to China’s far west:

I'm traveling to:

  • Central Xinjiang

  • East Xinjiang

  • South Xinjiang

  • North Xinjiang

    • Altay (Coming Soon!)
    • Ili (Gulja or Yili) (Coming Soon!)