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Urumqi International Bazaar: Picture of the Week

April 24, 2009 | No Comments

Minaret at the Urumqi International Bazaar
Urumqi’s famous International Bazaar

The south side of Urumqi (a.k.a. Wulumuqi or 乌鲁木齐) has a much different flavor than the north.  Down here you’ll find the mosque, markets, and this – the International Bazaar.  It’s a must-see for any person who can’t see any other part of Xinjiang besides its capital.  Here you’ll be able to buy rugs, knives, instruments, hats…you name it.  You’ll probably get ripped off, but that’s beside the point.

The minaret-style structure pictured above has become somewhat of a symbol for this area.  Built in 2003 as an observation deck, you can pay a small fee of 20 RMB to take an elevator up to the top where you’ll get some good – not great – views of Urumqi.  Good luck getting a good picture, though – even if you’re lucky enough to come on a clear day, the windows don’t look like they’ve been washed for years.  While looking around you can also view a pictographic timeline of Urumqi dating back to the time when the city was named “Dihua”.  Historical details are lacking but it is still intriguing.

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