Basic Uyghur Guide, Basic Mandarin Guide

Basic Language Guide for Xinjiang Travel

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Uyghur Phrases

When interacting with Uyghur people in the streets or in a home, there are a few key phrases that when spoken will automatically endear you to those with whom you are talking. The following are basic greetings and statements in the Uyghur language as spoken by a native speaker.

Do you want to learn Uyghur? – find out how to study Uyghur at home or learn where you can study Uyghur in Xinjiang.


Thank You

No thanks!

I don’t understand.
[Man chshan mudum]

Nice to meet you!
[Tunoosh-kunumden hwashalman]

Help me!
[koot koozoong-lar]

Where is the bathroom?
[ahjet hana kayarda?]

I would like to buy this.
[man boonee algoom bar]

How much is it?
[Boo khanchee pool]

Can you give me a discount?
[Air-zanrak bolsa bolamdu]

Can I try it on?
[Sinap baksam bolamdu]

Mandarin (Chinese)

While there may not be very many resources for the Uyghur language, there are quite a few for Mandarin! Below are just a few very basic phrases but if you will be doing a lot of traveling around China I recommend the Lonely Planet’s Mandarin Phrasebook.


Thank you!

I don’t understand
[wua ting boo dong]

Nice to meet you!
[hun gaow-shing jeean-daoh nee]

Help me!
[jew-min ah]

Where is the bathroom?
[she-show-jan zigh nah-lee]

I want to go to…
[wua yaoh choo]

Please use the meter
[ching dah bee-aoh]

How much is it?
[dwore shaow chyen]

I want to buy this.
[wuo shang my juh-guh]

Can you give me a discount?
[zigh-pyan-ee ee-dyan ma]

[zigh dyan]