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Nomads in Tashkorgan Valley: Picture of the Week

September 3 | 1 Comment

A field and valley in beautiful Tashkurgan, Xinjiang

Nomads in a Taxkorgan Valley by Reuben Silverman

Depending on which direction you’re heading, the town of Taxkorgan (sometimes spelled Tashkurgan) is either your first stop in China or a final goodbye. It’s located on the Karakoram Highway not far from the pass leading to Pakistan.

Aside from beautiful green pastures populated by nomadic Kyrgyz people and their herds, Taxkorgan is also known for its stone castle, nicknamed the “Princess Castle”. If you’re going to make your way out as far as the beautiful Karakul Lake, it’s almost a waste not to journey just an hour more to Taxkorgan.

This picture was taken by Reuben Silverman, who recently took a trip out to China’s far western border. He wrote a great story about his trip to Kashgar you can read here and I appreciate the chance to use his photo here on FarWestChina. Thanks!

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  1. I like Mr. Reuben Silverman’s travel story. He is a mature and informed person. I’d say the view held by the German fellow is quite common among westeners. I’d say if China was a poor, small, no growth, and non-threatening place to the West, Chinese would be loved. We would be adored by the westen visitors while living our forever-locked-in-the-past “culture” in our mud huts.