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Visiting Tashkurgan, Xinjiang – Crown of the Karakoram

June 19 | 17 Comments

For those who are adventurous enough to travel the beautiful Karakoram Highway near Kashgar in Xinjiang, the city of Tashkurgan is the proverbial “icing on the cake”. Populated primarily by about 30,000 Tajik ethnic people, the town is situated high in the Pamir mountains along the border crossing between China and Pakistan. What used to […]

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Eye on the Future: Kashgar’s Urban Planning Museum

March 21 | No Comments

A lot is changing in Kashgar, but what will it look like in 20 years? Here’s a glimpse into China’s dream of the future.

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Keketuohai (aka Koktokay): Visiting China’s Yosemite Park

January 15 | 12 Comments

Located on the tip of northwest China’s Xinjiang province, near the border of Mongolia, sits one of the most fascinating and little-known national parks in Asia – Keketuohai Geological National Park. See why it is called “China’s Yosemite”!

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The Many Ways to Travel to Khotan (Hotan)

July 21 | 7 Comments

So you’ve heard of Khotan – also spelled Hotan – and you’re interested to travel there. As early as a decade ago such a journey would have taken days, but recently that time has been cut dramatically.

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Expressing the Orient: A Book Review

March 16 | 2 Comments

Book review: From Mark Vranicar, US expat who spent over three years living and traveling in China (and Xinjiang), comes a photography book you won’t want to miss.

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Gaochang Ancient City Ruins: Picture of the Week

August 23 | No Comments

It’s amazing to me that the crumbling mud walls of this ancient town outside Turpan was once a vibrant city along the Silk Road. Gaochang, also known as “Kharakhoja”, was once a capital of the region for both Han and Uyghur kingdoms.

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Xinjiang Highway Rest Stop: Pic of the Week

May 14 | 1 Comment

Rest Stop by 老百姓 Seeing this picture me want to hop on my motorcycle and start exploring again!  Rest stops like the one you see above are scattered all along the Xinjiang highway system and despite their crude appearance they really have grown on me.

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Facts and Figures: Lop Nor and the Nuclear Race

April 20 | 1 Comment

It wasn’t until late last year that I became interested in the Lop Nor region of the Xinjiang province, probably about the time when I wrote the article about our proud new addition to the area: the world’s largest fertilizer plant.  Since that time I’ve slowly been researching the history and development of the region […]

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